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I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all the work and service that CTI have provided to 150 St. Mary’s Place. Serving as the HOA President for many years I have always found you most helpful and determined to provide outstanding service on any project that you were asked to complete. We knew that you would always be very honest and truthful with us and put the HOA desires as a top  priority. Renee Shingleton, York’s property manager and I always enjoyed communicating and working with you. We knew that if a project was not completed up to our expectations that you would do what needed to be done to address it and make it right. During the time that I resided in the community I also used CTI for my own personal reside. I was always pleased with the quality and professionalism of the work that was performed at my resident. Even though i no longer live in the 150 St. Mary’s Community I have continued my relationship with you and CTI. After I purchased my condo you were the first person I contacted to come over and talk with me about the work I needed done. Jose and Miguel and there painting crew came and left leaving my condo looking outstanding. Tom has already come out to talk with me about my kitchen tile work which will be completed later this month. My neighbors have already commented on the work that I have had done. Please know that more work will be coming your way because I will recommend you and CTI unconditionally to my neighbors, family and friends.

Thanks again,


I love writing these emails.  I love it when I find a vendor who is exemplary and has consistently done a fantastic job.  Far too often people are quick to complain, find fault, point fingers, and re-assign blame. To combat against this ever surging tide of negativity, I always look for ways to point out the positives.

It is in this spirit I wish to extend my heartfelt appreciation for all you’ve done at Balmoral, Alexander Place, and others.  Balmoral had a rough patch finding a quality vendor. You’re it! Thank you for all you’ve done.

Along with that comes even more work.  Please read the great email from a board member about the quality of work from Matt as well as Hugo.  Nicely done!

Thank you for taking care of my home. The men that came here were understanding, empathetic and professional. We definitely appreciate it.

Had I not been here to see it for myself, I never would have believed what it took to replace the three window sills on the back of our home. Fortunately, the people you sent knew what they were doing!

Your guys arrived a little before 9 this morning and left at about 3 this afternoon, only taking a break for lunch while they were waiting for caulk to dry.

Thanks for sending Geovanni and his assistant. They were the first rate in every way, carefully determining what had to be done and meticulously doing the work.

They did a terrific job and left our home as clean as they found it. I’d have them back to do work for me anytime!

Thanks again!

CTI and the owner, Tim Felton have three things I think are priceless:  reliability, flexibility, and capability. I have been turning to CTI for repairs, construction, maintenance, and even demolition for many years.  I handle maintenance and construction for a well-known North Carolina retail company and my large (235 condos), downtown Raleigh homeowners association.  CTI does the lion’s share of my projects. In addition, as you would expect, CTI works on my home. CTI is competitively priced and most importantly, reliable.  Any time, day or night, weekends or weekdays, CTI is there. Thanks, Tim!


We have used CTI for several years to take care of multiple problems, from door repairs, drain repairs, gutter and roof cleaning and many construction projects. I can highly recommend them for a variety of services.

John   Board President

I am a structural engineer by profession and the HOA president of our community so I deal directly with CTI.

They are one of the best organizations of their type I have ever dealt with. Knowledgeable in all aspects of property repairs and very responsive to our needs. All the workers I have dealt with are polite, professional, and very knowledgeable of their trades. Couldn’t be more pleased with this company.


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